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Yup! It takes one hole Kerbal into orbit and safely lands at the runway! This is only the 4th Version though, just as a brief history because vanity;

The first attempt worked perfectly fine to reach orbit, magically, all it lacked was; a reliable landing method (no gear but enough drogue chutes for water landing) and stable atmospheric flight. So I wanted to clean it up enough to be air worthy and add a safer landing method, thats how we got generation 2. Unfortunately in my haste I added to much weight with a jet engine and 11K D/V worth of liquid fuel, the thing could never reach orbit, even with different boosters in gen3, which, in this latest design as well, admittedly do most of the work and could take us to orbit by themselves given literally just a different fuel line setup, as you might see the top half of the drop tank pipes into the boosters, taking some load off the under-powered twin Twitch radial LF shuttle engines, this is possible because the two halves aren't actually connected, but are both directly and separately attached to the hard-point decoupler.

So for this, the 4th generation, I rebuilt everything in nearly the same design to iron out some inefficiencies and aesthetic flaws, dropped the atmospheric engine due to its massive weight plus noting that I always had a few dozen M/S of D/V in the shuttle engine (spark engine) by the time I'm near the Spade Center anyway, swapped the Boosters from 6 Twitch engines per booster to one Thud per booster upgrading the ISP and TWR, something I should have thought of for the 2nd and 3rd generations in heinsight, and then I was finished with the addition of a solar panel to mimic a windscreen and a Command pod to spawn a Brave Kerbal.


TL;DR, Pointless/Boring history,  many Acronyms, I broke the design in gens 2-3 then reverted most of the design with a few changes.

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