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What color are Kerbals


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52 minutes ago, EnderKid2 said:

I've always seen them as more of a yellow than a green.

I really can't say, never having seen a naked Kerbal.  For all we know, the color we see on their faces is just make-up applied for reasons of vanity, and might have nothing in common with the true color of their bodies.

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12 minutes ago, omelaw said:

IMHO, Unripe banana has closest color with kerbals, but I can't explane what color unripe banana is.:confused:


Minions even attempted to develop their own flight simulator based on KSP...


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Definitely look green in game (which I interpret as 'actual' colour), but a yellow 'tinge' is quite prominent on the loading and exit screens which can look more like a greenish yellow at times, so I guess that could cause confusion.  It's got me wondering if my monitor was set up right a few times


But, yes #BADA55 is the official colour - see above post by @Majorjim

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This is from the in-game description of Kerbin:


A unique world, Kerbin has flat plains, soaring mountains and wide, blue oceans. Home to the Kerbals, it has just the right conditions to support a vast, seemingly undepletable population of the eager green creatures.

Happy landings!

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On 31-5-2016 at 9:07 PM, Deddly said:

Well, after extensive analysis, I have come to the conclusion that is best illustrated as follows:



So Kerbals look like banana, just not ripe.

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