Hello everyone, Yesterday we shared the news that Felipe ‘HarvesteR’ Falanghe is stepping down as lead developer for Kerbal Space Program to move onto other projects. Of course, everyone here has said their goodbyes to him over the past days already, but we still felt a need to share a few words in the devnotes as well. To Felipe: Here’s to you, Felipe! You’ve trusted us to take care of your brainchild, and of course we’re all more than willing to do you proud. Everyone has dove into fixing bugs for patch 1.1.3 and improving on our processes based on the lessons we learned with KSP 1.1. The 1.1.3 patch will be focused on reworking a few systems and fixing a large number of critical bugs that the community found and reported to us, amongst other things we’re working on crashes in the VAB and SPH, and the orbits calculations. The effect of clear minds as a result of the developers taking a vacation has been clearly observed as some very elusive bugs were tracked and fixed this week already. Amidst the work done to track and fix issues, Mike has started compiling a list of changes for 1.2, although it’s very uncertain at this point, pride of place is a Unity upgrade to 5.3 or 5.4 to fix the serious crash and wheel issues experienced. In addition we’re looking to include antenna telemetry, planetary weighting of contracts, an overhaul of the exploration contracts, and if we can manage it in time the new rocket parts that Chris (Porkjet) has been working on. Apart from adding new features patch 1.2 also provides us with longer development period in which we can address bugs at a more fundamental level, as well as a chance to upgrade the Unity engine from 5.2 to 5.3 or 5.4 which should benefit the stability of the game greatly. Be sure to tune in to Squadcast this week again, NathanKell will be hosting our weekly development stream and hopefully we’ll have more details to share by then! As always you can leave your questions and comments about KSP on our Forums, on Twitter and Facebook and on the KSP Subreddit. For those of you who want to wish Felipe the best you can leave a message in this forum thread.