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This is the discussion topic for the universe replacer mod Centauri Dreams


BARukl0.pngThis is not the place to ask for installation help, bug report, ect. It is the place to discuss the mod itself, discoveries or to discuss methods unique to exploring a binary system.

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I've been having fun exploring this - installed SMURFF and SpaceY to be able to make useful rockets, and I've made it as far as exploring Newton.  With no dV map and very little to go on, it's been an interesting ride.  I tried to set up some probes to wander a bit over towards the B star, but 390 year wait time didn't work for me, likewise Proxima is out of reach for the moment.  It's a challenge to get decent mass into orbit over Elcano, and the day I finally got a mining operation with a big SpaceY fuel tank up and running on Hawking was the day I felt like the system started opening up for me.

I now have a pair of spaceplanes ready to land on Magnitude - possibly a one-way trip as the NERVAs on board seem to be generating zero thrust (design flaw).  I'll see if I can get down and back up with Rapiers only.  Also preparing to land a Terrier-powered lander on Inertia, I'm hoping the light atmosphere will allow it to continue generating thrust.  Acceleration has been landed on and mined for fuel, although my big miner seems to glitch out on the terrain and explode or sink.  Bummer, because I'm kind of depending on it for the ride home :)

I'll keep posting here, unless there's a better place - really enjoying the mod so far!

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Cool! I forgot I made this topic.

I finally started playing myself after countless hours tweaking everything. For visiting Alpha B, try a free return trajectory. By aiming in front of the star and spending roughly 3kms you can get an encounter in about eight years. 

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