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[1.1.3] SimpleLife - Stock Life Support and Kerbal Recruitment

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 This mod aims to integrate simple life support and Kerbal recruitment mechanics into the stock game. 





Life Support Resources and Containers


SimpleLife is based on USI-LS by @RoverDude



50% efficiency, supports up to 10 Kerbals.

Printing Rocketparts from Metal


75% efficiency, supports up to 5 Kerbals but consumes Fertilizer.

Integrated converters


The MK3 cockpit and the MK2 Lander Can have on-board regenerators to justify their excess mass.

Colony Habitat


The core piece of any colony or space station. Contains a Cultivator that produces Supplies and Fertilizer out of Ore and Water.



Life: an original resource. All pods have a Life capacity proportional to their Crew Capacity. Life is produced by Kerbals just living in a spaceship.




The Cupola part is where you can spend Life points to spawn a Kerbal into one of three Specialties. 100 points/Kerbal. 

A fresh, young Kerbal



No extra parts

Complete yet simple Life Support system

Extend your gameplay by using Life to recruit Kerbals on other planets!


Module Manager
Community Resource Pack



Alternate Resource Panel

*: for the Water resource and InterstellarFuelSwitch. You may request an MM patch to remove this requirement.


Do not activate a Recycler on top of either a Regenerator or a Cultivator. Use the latter converters separately, otherwise you will lose efficiency. 


Updated to v1.1.3 of the game



This mod contains @RoverDude's USI-LS USILifeSupport.dll and @michaelhester07's CivilianManagement.dll now managed by @GGumby.


Configuration files are licensed under the GPL v3 license.

Edited by MatterBeam
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7 hours ago, RoverDude said:

Your license is incompatible with the USI-LS DLL, you will want to sort that.

I found and used the same license as you did.

4 hours ago, technicalfool said:

I'm removing the download link until license issues are resolved, which I hope they will be!

I think the above should fix and licensing issues. 

2 hours ago, Atlas2342 said:

@MatterBeam Congrats on release! :)

Thank you! I will be posting a playthrough soon with the three mods in my signature.

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On 15/06/2016 at 1:31 PM, MatterBeam said:

@RoverDude, @technicalfool:

What remains the issue?


If you're using a license compatible with the GPLv3 that USI-LS is released under, then yes, you can provide a new link. Please include the license in a readme or license.txt.



Edited by technicalfool
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Thanks. This looks like it could be exactly what I've been looking for.

Since I see your mod SimpleConstruction is in CKAN, I assume this will be available there as well soon?

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9 hours ago, OldLost said:

Thanks. This looks like it could be exactly what I've been looking for.

Since I see your mod SimpleConstruction is in CKAN, I assume this will be available there as well soon?

Yes, I ticked the 'Add to CKAN box', so it should be there :)

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On 8/3/2016 at 4:22 AM, Andem said:

Hmm. I would appreciate having the "Life" abilities with normal USILS and MKS, is that possible, or is it an all or nothing system?

You'd have to delete the settings file and plugins folder. The balance would be completely off, however.

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16 minutes ago, The-Doctor said:

Hey can you explain fully how what this mod does as well as some screenshots? I'm interested but I'm not the kind to install a mod, learn if I like it, then uninstall if I don't.

Um, the OP basically does explain it.  Essentially USI-LS but without any extra parts.  And there are like 9 screenshots in the OP.

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Do I need to have USI LS installed? I have all the modified parts like supplies, mulch and fertilizer storage containers, simple construction (which works with no problem) and CRP, but my kerbals aren't consuming supplies.

On my way to Mun, some of the supplies were used, but when I landed there, it wasn't being consumed anymore. I time wraped a lot also to see if it would change but no luck. I'm getting mulch though, so the problem may be only at the rate of supplies input.

Is this a bug with my installation or I'm missing something?

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Is there a way to get Kerbals to stop being tourist if supplies run out? I had a crew of three on a space station run out and become tourists, but even after refueling their supplies they don't change back to crew members. I know that returning them to Kerbin will switch them back, but is there no way to fix them in-stitu? It's a little harsh to brick the space station orbiting Eve even when resupplied. 

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