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[KSP 1.11.1] LaserDist, a distance measuring laser part (for kOS, kRPC, etc)

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LaserDist v1.3.0 out, for KSP 1.8.1.

No changes to Laserdist except API usage with KSP 1.8.

KSP 1.8 deprecated some API calls, replacing them with alternate versions.

In particular, the shader used with LineRenderer to draw the laser lines needed to be
built with a new kind of constructor. 


I had some issues in the last couple months that kept me away from Kerbal modding for a while, but I'm getting back into it now.  That's why this was so late in getting an update.  It was still working for KSP 1.8 except the visual laser lines (if you have the "Visual" button enabled on the PAW) were drawing all wrong because the Shader wasn't being found and it was throwing exceptions midway through drawing it each update. (KSP 1.8 changed the way you access the built-in shaders.)

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LaserDist v1.4.0 for KSP 1.10x. and KSP 1.11.x

The only real change here is compiling against KSP 1.10.x DLLs and support for putting LaserDist parts inside the new KSP inventory system.  The parts are defined to have a very small volume, in keeping with other very small parts in Stock that are about the same size.

The KSP 1.11.x updates added an EVA inventory system for parts and they
require parts have a new "ModuleCargoPart" section added to its
Part.cfg files to use it.

This release also works on the previous KSP version, KSP 1.10.x too, but it
may cause a startup complaint (which it is safe to ignore) in the logs on
KSP 1.10.x when it sees the new "ModuleCargoPart" section in the config files.

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