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Kerbalized names of games

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On 12/28/2016 at 4:55 PM, CaptainTrebor said:

BadS's of a Dead Kerbin (Children of a Dead Earth). Basically KSP with lasers and railguns.

I would totally buy that. 

Kerbtorio: Manage the factory floors of Rockomax, Probodobodyne, and Jeb's Junkyard, and optimize rocket part production.

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Kerbal Master 2 (Dungeon Master 2)

A team of Kerbal-Spezialists explores the Dephts of KSC to investigate and end a massive Kraken Infestation. One of the Spezial Bosses is the Bekraken (Beholder) a glaze of his eyes can spagetify a Kerbal but with a chance of 1:1000 you can make KSP History. 

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Kerbalization VI

You must guide the Kerbal civilization through its development, until the Kerbals have advanced enough to send a rocket to the nearest star. Will you build a kerbalization to stand the tests of time?

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Boosterlands (borderlands)

Kerbal: last flight (metro last light)

Command and Control: Kerbals zero hour (command and conquer: generals zero hour)

Kerbal gear solid: the kraken pain (metal gear solid the phantom pain)

Car fly (far cry)

Krysis (crysis)

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Kin of a Kerbol Empire (Sins of a Solar Empire)

KUNO, the kard game

Kual (Dual) Universe

Komino (Domino)

Everspace Program

Kerbol Star Citizen

Konan Exiles: Kerbal progression through the dark ages and in this, archaic magic is real and the kraken is incarnate.

Karbonite Not Included


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Kebral Wars: Space Agency at War

Kerbals, fed up of being stuffed in small early habitable cans across the Kerbol system rebel under the tyranny of the Kerbal Space Program. Will you build ships, supporting the Rebels, or construct interplanetary giants to crush all resistance of the KSP?


Star Wars: Empire at War


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Don't Lithobrake (Don't Starve). Basically good ol' KSP, but you play as Wernher and need to build the VAB from scratch first.

Psycho Kerbanauts (Psychonauts). Jeb, Bill and Bob went dangerously insane, and only Val can return them to mental health...

Eeloolands (Borderlands). A co-op game where Jeb, Val, Bill and Bob need to reach a mysterious vault hidden somewhere on Eeloo.

BadS's of Rockets and Spaceplanes (Heroes of Might and Magic).

Left 2 Orbit (Left 4 Dead). The kerbanauts whose rescue contracts were declined finally take revenge.

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