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Real Control Space Program


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Hi folks,

I thought about a nice way to play a career for reality and for challenging reasons:

I was wondering if it would be possible to have kind of a "Control Center" for your vessels, where you can

- get a life-stream from their onboard-cameras (multiple vessels at once, different small windows) + time-delayed,
- can send commands like in kRPC or kOS with RemoteTech handicaps- can store scripts for automatic execution (kOS, Remotech, MechJeb)
- crewed flights can just be controlled via IVA(or remote and just with pilot on board
- background processing (my sat on Duna changes inclination via script while i am controlling a rover on the mun via onboard-cam.
- science experiments can only be done in EVA or via remote control

- all together no 3rd person view and a command center to control all of them and check all their stats whenever u want. no "vessel switching".
basically a combination of kOS, RemoteTech, MechJeb & kRPC but not just for the current vessel.

Do u think something like this would be doable?
would u liek to play this way in RPG-style?


Edit: another way to describe it:
-Imagine Telemachus combined with
-kRPC and RemoteTech
-some life-camera-feeds.

and this for multiple vessels. There is no "current vessel" until u change to IVA in a pilot-crewed vessel

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16 minutes ago, WeirdCulture said:

something like this?

yeah, somehow - though i guess multi-vessel is not doable...
why I care bout multi-vessel? i.e watching my probe approach a station from within the station and steering it by the viuals i get from another craft...

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