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"Hover" Tank

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Sorry, moderators, saw a more fitting place to post this after posting this thread. Care to move it if it's too disruptive here?



Here is something I made, in my attempt to make a ground tank. Origianally, I wanted to make it a hover tank, but when I found out the mod parts for it were difficult to use, and that they lagged the system, I ended resorting to wheels, while maintaining the Hover Tank name. A misnomer.
Parts that I used are:

  • Stock (default)
  • Bahamuto Dynamics Armory (mod)

The only mod parts would be the turret, 4 machine guns, and the weapon manager. It has thrusters to overcome vertical challenges, but sacrifices liquid fuel that is used by the fuel cells to power the wheels. The stats are as follows:
Hover tank stats.png 

And it in action.
Driving (top speed appears to be at 24 meters per second to 30):
'Hover' tank.png 
Flight, has enough fuel to make it to the top of a tall structure on the earth-like Kerbin ( I did not do that for the pic), and, I broke the wheels:
Hover tank fly.png 
Lastly, parachutes for when I lose fuel in midair, or when I want a simple landing:
hover tank chute.png 

To actually get this thing to another planet... will be a pain. I have been able to do it via mods, but to do it honestly will take some doing.


This is my current goal on perfecting. I know there is a hover part mod out there, but for some reason it messes with my PC, and RCS was too weak to make it travel well.


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