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So about that cruise missile I released yesterday;

After several hours of frustration and even more cups tea (coffee is too bitter for me) (no I'm not British), I finally made a bomber capable of carrying it to, say, a location and dropping it to fly to its target. The best part is, the missile can be removed to put practically anything else you can cram into the bomb bays.

It's a little finicky on takeoff but other than that it flies pretty smoothly (in my opinion)

Mods are the same as last time, but I'll list them anyway:

*Near Future Electrical
*Near Future Propulsion
*B9 Aerospace
*Community Resource Pack
*OPT Spaceplanes


Here's the .craft file because I'm an idiot.



1=Open bay doors

2=Toggle afterburners


Last note, the root part is the tail part that serves as the nosecone. The missile itself is the control module so once you separate it, you can no longer control the plane. If you want to re-purpose it for any reason, a control module will be needed.


REAL Last note: This is NOT compatible with Ferram Aerospace Research. Or if it is, I'm too stupid to figure it out.

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Did I seriously forget to put a craft file on this??? Wow, I fail.

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19 minutes ago, Heckspress said:


Thanks, there will be more soon (I hope to update every day but there's no way I can build a creation a day [maybe once summer starts]) so stay tuned!

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