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Tornado-6 (now with ejector seats and a kerbal loading system).

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Time to introduce the new addition to the Tornado family. Or should i say, the only one. Due to mods getting updated and old stuff getting deleted, all of my tornado aircrafts broke.

I was supposed to do a new post with all the Tornado aircrafts updated/improved, but as i said, all of them are broken, so that's not gonna happen.


So, presenting Tornado-6. A new and updated version of the Tornado 5 with higher speeds, more fuel, and less mods.

Yes, in order to prevent a total loss of this craft, i made it from all stock part excluding the KAX engines.

It still looks and feels like the old one, but has some big improvements:

As i already mentioned, it has about 2.5 times more fuel.

I also fixed 2 more minor issues as well: this time the propeller will not hit the ground on landings, and the aircraft wont run out of electricity during a long dive (i fixed it wit a bodge job on the old one).

Wings are also more straight, so making wing mounted weapons (Vulcans and machineguns) point straight is a bit more easy. Faulty ejector seat's are now gone as well.


In preparation of KerbPaint getting updated (maby), i made the aircraft from fully paintable parts (excluding the engine).

EDIT: and here it is:


And yes, i'm a BIT in love with the aircraft now.

This time i painted it in the style of the later Tornado aircrafts like the Tornado 2 from Sonic Adventure and the Tornado 3 from Sonic Unleashed.


The new craft:

The Tornado-6 like it's predecessor is an easy to fly 2-seat bi-plane aircraft with some amazing flight characteristics.

And that has been made to look very modern and sleek, while still looking more or less like a traditional bi-plane.


It is The handy work of our test pilot/engineering advisor Miles Kerman.


Here are the specks for it:

Top speed: 135 m/s

Stall speed: 30-25 m/s

Length: 10.3m

Wingspan: 13m

Height: 5.3m

Mass: 11 tons

Parts: 133

 I did some work on the interior as well. Even tough we wont get to see it without using camera mods, it's still nice to have one.



New features:


Whenever there is a new update to KSP, i tend to update the Tornado with some new features.

This time they include:

ejector seats, a Kerbal loading system, and little safety wheels of sorts in the wingtips to help in those "that was a little too close" situations.




Now you wont have to build little Kerbal buses just to load some Kerbals into the Tornado.

And as you can see, due to mods being for the older release, all my flags (nebula decals) except the ZZZ ones where broken, also the KAX prop textures don't work. The engines still functions tough.



I tested the ejector-seats three times. And im happy to say that 2/3 times they actually worked :wink:.



That's pretty much all i have to say for the aircraft itself. It still holds the place as my all time favorite aircraft.


Decals for Nebula decals mod:

And since this is the Tornado, it needs proper decals, so here they are for those  who are interested.




In the fear of getting copyright strikes or other stuff like that, and because i taught it was finally time.

I made my self my own decals/flags. So no more pulling stuff from the internet and turning them into decals.

I made them using Photoshop, tough the outlines for the portrait of Tails where drawn by hand and scanned later on to use as an underlay ease things a bit.

Mostly because this was the first time i've ever really drawn and colored something using a computer. And it was also the first time ever that i've done any sort of shadowing.

And here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6uhly42wro4m39/New Decals.zip?dl=0


So there you have it, The Tornado-6. I hope you enjoy it :).

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l353po5leuz10ml/Tornado-6.craft?dl=0

PS: I have plans for rebuilding the X-tornado as well, as for the others, they have been deleted and will most probably not reappear.



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Terve tuola, how about a remake of the Panavia Tornado? Its a old but epic groundattackdesign...(Early multirole...):rolleyes:
It looks allready Kerbal in real life, somehow bulky but nice!

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1 hour ago, Mikki said:

Terve tuola, how about a remake of the Panavia Tornado? Its a old but epic groundattackdesign...(Early multirole...):rolleyes:
It looks allready Kerbal in real life, somehow bulky but nice!

I might consider doing that.

Shouldn't be any harder to do than this Sepacat Jaguar i made for my RAF jet repository.


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I taught that since we have a new big update, hey, why not update the Tornado again.

It used to be a thing i did with the old Tornado 5, improve it after every major update.


Oh and btw, there was a little something i was supposed to show a long time ago.

It was a more major update i did to the Tornado 5.

But before i could show it, a new update came, and it broke completely.


All systems go, full speed ahead.

Now it's time to show the secret switch i installed.


Everything seems to be working so far.


Transformation complete.



Yep, this crafty old fox made a transforming version of the Tornado 5 :wink:.

The wings where a bit loose (normal form), but other than that, everything worked just fine and was as it should be :D.

As for the transformed version, it was a bit how you doing, but nothing i can't handle. Also, the scaled down shuttle engine didn't give that much extra speed when activated.

I only got to test it a couple of times before the new update broke the Tornado 5 :(.

But no matter :). Maby i'll end up doing the same to the Tornado 6 when IR and all the other mods get updated :wink:.

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11 minutes ago, Ohm Machre said:

That is one sly transformation! Sly as a fox!~


I wonder, could the design and engine be improved somehow? Perhaps a custom engine for the transformed state?

Thanks :).


Well, at the time i taught the shuttle engine would be the best option for a booster engine since it's small and very powerful. Turns out that after scaling it down, it became a bit... meh.

So, i think that a couple jet engines clipped inside one another might do a much better job.

But that's if i ever do another transformable Tornado.


Currently i'm planning on releasing my new X-Tornado.

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50 minutes ago, nascarlaser1 said:

Cool craft!

1 question, what is a kerbal loader?

Thanks :).

A Kerbal loading system is basically a thing that you can use to load Kerbals into command seats before take off, and without using things like rovers, or walking. In this case i used a MK-1 crew fuselage for that. But it can be pretty much anything that holds crew in it.

After the Kerbals are loaded, you can just leave it on the runway (like it works in this one) or jettison it away (like i did with my B-29 replica)..

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