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Favorite Speed?


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My favorite speed relative to the [surface/target] is 0 m/s, because it means the [landing/rendezvous] was a complete success.

Of course it's also pretty satisfying every time I see a new spacecraft reach 2300 m/s for the first time.

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30ms used to be my treasured speed, when 35+ means certain death, 30ms seemed to be "underway" the speed of which land trains are in full warcry.. engines at full throttle, clouds of exhaust smoke,..electric motors consuming all the power from the alternators.. full power.. mild hills and humps the terrain softly absorbed by the suspension.. the whole thing was a symphony of beauty I miss dearly.. a beautiful thing that could turn deadly in seconds past that magic number..

only later did I realise it was close to 110kph in realworld.. suddenly everything made sense


Alas. 1.1 put an end to that.. downsize. upgrade.. reinvent the KTP.. it seems silly given the above but my favorate new speed is 13m/s

its the maximum speed of any RTG powered electric cargo train.. in that they can turn safely at this speed without any worry but generally slow to turn.. most unexpected bumps arnt lethal as they used to be and generally its very relaxing yet fast enough not to get boring

I still use a steering wheel.. but it wont kill the train if I dont


its a 2 tiered thing though, this is for an outer suburban freight train or passenger set



theres another favorate speed.. 7m/s

why so slow?

This is the magical speed of safety given to KSC bound shuttle trains,

tiny 2 car units that transport kerbals from the crew area to the runway or launchpad (my favorate run)

at this speed.. the train can negotiate all sharp corners of the KSC pathways with ease.. everything seems lively.. indeed KSC is a massive place when taken at ground level perspective.. do I wish for faster speed? sure.. the long run into the launch pad sure does take time.. id love to open up the throttle..

but I dont for realism.. its a great drive and a great mission I enjoy :)


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My favorite velocity was the initial expansion speed of our universe in the first 1 seconds worth of plank time (there are more units of plank time in 1 SECOND, than there have been SECONDS since our universe exploded into existance) where the expansion was faster than light speed.

This does NOT violate physics as our universe was literal nothing during this time and only literal nothing can exceed C. Quantum Physics- aint it a head breaker? Also just to back my point up Dr. Michio Kaku and Dr. Tyson both spoke on this.

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Light speed is infinite in the KSP world. Otherwise there should be futile CPU and programming time consuming calculations to draw other celestial bodies to places and positions they were when light began its way to the player. There are also not any non-Newtonian physical effects at high speeds. However, crafts speeding at hundreds of thousands of km/s will certainly attract Kraken's attention at certain situations but these effects are not predictable. Therefore I do not count them as physical effects.

My favorite speed depends naturally on where I am and where I want to go. I do not understand what is actual point of this question. 0 m/s after landing or docking is probably the most common single number.

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24 km/s is an decent speed for the inner system. 
Fast horse returning from Eve after establishing an base on Gilly, return trip take 39 days and its halfway. 

Its next target will be Jool unless the Gilly base problem is not resolved. 

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