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Random Crashes With mods



Hi , My game has been randomly crashing probably due to one or more of my mods.
I've removed most of the "unnecessary" mods that I wasn't using and still have this issue.
The game doesn't freeze like every other crash I've gotten , instead the game 'pauses' or hangs for 1 second and I get a windows message saying "KSP_X64.exe has stopped working", The only options it gives me is "Close program" or "Check online for solution" 
Please note my High amount of RAM as I really don't think 16GB could be used up by KSP 

When Does The Game Crash?

Its kind of random , It happens in the editor sometimes , like when I add a new part that causes the game to hang or freeze it might happen , or deleting parts.
And it can happen in flight , I noticed this especially when Decoupling a stage of boosters or something like that. But it also happens when I'm in orbit doing nothing 

I will attach My output_Log and some screenshots of all of the mods I am using.

PC Specs

RAM: 16GB (2x8)
GPU: Amd 7770 Ghz Edt
CPU: AMD FX-8350 @4.0ghz (8 core) 

64 bit windows 7 
SSD for windows

What am I looking for?

Hopefully someone has had an issue with one of the mods in my list and knows that its "that" mod causing the issue.

Thanks You!

Output log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljgbutmpkt8k58r/output_log.txt?dl=0
Ksp MODS: http://imgur.com/a/cIDHS

If you need more logs or pics just ask :)

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19 hours ago, Nerfclasher said:

Hey @ii_DyNaMiCs_ii this is a known bug in stock and it will most likely be patched in the next version of Kerbal Space Program witch is in testing but the only advice that I can give is that you need to put one mod at time so if it is a mod you can tell the mod maker that you found a bug 

Ok thank you :) Can't wait!

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