2KAS-J0523 Planetary system

What to add in the next update?  

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  1. 1. What to add in the next update?

    • A gas giant planetar with moons accreting around it
    • More planets
    • More dwarf planets
    • An ice giant
    • An ice planet with sum moons
    • A brown dwarf solar system (Teide 1)
    • A brown dwarf solar system (Luhman 16)
    • A habitable terra

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2KAS-J0523: This is the tiniest star ever discovered, it's even smaller than Jool! It has no Gas giants, but it does have 1 rocky planet around it!

   OSIRIS: Osiris was the first Hot Jool discovered around a red dwarf star, Osiris is quite small, a little more than 1/6 the radius of Jool.

   VERIDIAN: This planet is the only planet. it's Kerbin sized with Kerbin-like gravity, but with no atmosphere or liquid water because of a violent flare star being it's host star.

     CORVICE: Corvice is Veridian's lagrangian partner, and as such, it technically orbits Veridian. Corvice is about the size of the Mun.


http://spacedock.info/mod/774/2KAS-J0523 Planetary system



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2 minutes ago, Clockwork13 said:

replace the Kerbol system

No, just adds a new star system. I don't know how to do that yet.

(Don't want to know, I just want to make mods that add stuff, not replace stuff)

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6 hours ago, supersonicflyingdutchman said:

hot jupiter

Having a real gas giant in this solar system is WAY, WAY too unrealistic. The reason why is because smaller stars have less material to form gas giants, so the smallest stars will have no gas giants. What I will do, is make a "hot" neptune, a neptune-sized hot jupiter which is WAY more realsitic than having actual gas giants.

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1 hour ago, Spaceception said:

put this link on the SpaceDock page

Done! Sorry, I forgot to do that earlier. :P

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