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This mod adds a black outline to text on maneuvers. This should make text much more readable when it overlaps bright spots like the sun, and it should especially help when using mods that add clouds to Kerbin like EVE, SVE and lighting mods like Scatterer, or if you just have bad eyes, like me.

It works fine in 1.1.3

Code was supplied by xEvilReeperx on the KSP forum upon request, edits, compilation and uploading was done by me.

Read nodes easily while using EVE, SVE and/or Scatterer (or when KSP implements clouds):



Objects are easy to read, even at bad angles while using Scatterer:



It even works in the tracking station:



Download at CurseForge

Download at SpaceDock

Dlownload and check out the coding at GitHub

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This is really nice! Text looks a bit squishy though but more readable on those light backgrounds, but I also blame KSP for that because the text rendering in KSP absolutely sucks. Gonna use this! 

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