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[1.12.x] The Maritime Pack v0.1.19


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The Maritime Pack v0.19




Updated for the final release of KSP 1

Download from GitHub

License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and is viewable on GitHub.

Ok, so it seems someone has disabled imgur album imbeds and left large gaping holes in the forums.

Thanks to @Beale and his modding tutorial  He's responsible for this.
This mod contains code originally written by @snjo and @allista.  Thanks for their permission to reuse this code and their permissive licenses.

Code Source - MPUtils - Fengist Anim - FSResizer

Known Issues

  • Exiting a hovercraft that is hovering will have some... undesired effects.
  • Scaling a part and then changing the fuel type will cause the fuel amounts to change to defaults.  Workaround: Scale back to 1 size then change fuel types.
  • Kerbals have a REALLY hard time climbing the sub conning tower steps
  • The button for the sub conning tower lights doesn't always appear when right clicking.  Turning on and off ALL lights makes it display.
  • Autokeel is very slow.  For now, blame crazy Squad math and an ocean as viscous as mercury.

Required Plugins:

NONE! (finally)

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Training Videos

Sorry to steal the first post but this is the perfect spot.  I'll be making some 'how-to' videos that cover some of the more um... unusual aspects of the Maritime Pack.  And yes, there will be a video that explains in depth exactly how to build and operate a sub.  But for now, here's a video on how to build a much-requested larger ship, the Catamaran.


Building a Rock Solid Catamaran in The Maritime Pack

Things you're not supposed to do with a submarine by Scott Manley


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15 hours ago, Sturmgeschutz said:

Yeeeeeah! Returned! :D 

Just like a StuG pulled from a Russian bog, some things just won't stay buried: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-UrieZwqeg

14 hours ago, njmksr said:

So glad to see that it's back. I never got to experience the first iteration, but I have heard only good things, so I look forward to trying it out myself :D

If this iteration goes anything like that last one, the entertainment won't be playing with the parts, it'll be this thread.

But you're welcome to enjoy the mod too.


While I'm here I'm going to put in a shameless plug.  I'm in need of beta testers for another submarine based mod.  Please take a moment to have a look:


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So, I'm trying out subs and I can't get my submarine to stay stable or dive properly. What do I need to build a functional sub?

Also, where is the dinghy? Or does it not work with 1.1?

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2 hours ago, njmksr said:

So, I'm trying out subs and I can't get my submarine to stay stable or dive properly. What do I need to build a functional sub?

Also, where is the dinghy? Or does it not work with 1.1?

Ok, you'll need some patience... remember, it's a 4 bit multitasking computer.

First, stop your sub and make sure you have a few hundred feet below the keel (show info on the computer).  Turn on the compressor and wait for it to descend.  Once it's down 100 or so feet, turn off the compressor and turn on the Auto Buoy.   That should level out your depth and keep you from ascending or descending.

Next, depending on how steep your dive angle is (+ or -) you may want to manually transfer some compressed water from the low end tank to the high end.  Once you get the angle less than vertical (say 45 or so degrees) turn on the Auto Keel.  Now this is the slow process (for now).  You can right click on the ballast tanks and watch as it transfers ballast back and forth trying to level out the ship.  Because the viscosity of Kerbal 'water' is akin to soup, it takes a while for the computer to judge how well those transfers are working.

Once it's done though, you'll know. I'll shut itself down and turn on the SAS in order to hold the ship in position.

I've had subs stay level while sitting submerged for days...  

Once you get all that done, you should be able to cruise at any depth and have some pretty good control.  Make note of how much total compressed water you have onboard and how much is roughly in each tank.  Should you ever need to surface and dive again, you'll have a much better idea of what those numbers should be and speed up the process.

Dinghy got ejected for now.  It sinks like a rock in 1.1.  I even reworked the model hoping that was the problem and... no.  It never worked really well anyway but one day, I'll try to go back and get it, or some other incarnation, working.

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9 hours ago, Hellbrand said:

Does the bow of the RORO Still Raise out of the water when the ramp is deployed? and can we vary the opening angle?

Yes but...

And I'm glad you asked because I failed to mention this in the changelog.

Both the RoRo and the Gangway (the ramp you see me use on the paddlewheeler) now have the deploy limit added to them.  However, like many modders, according to Squad, my animation is backward.  We've known that Squad is unusual, but their open is apparently closed and their closed is apparently open.  And they don't give you a method for reversing this.

And I'm too old and stubborn to go in and manually reverse my animations in Unity (for now).  So, you can use the button or action group as always to deploy the ramp fully.  If you want it partially deployed, you'll have to use the slider (when you right click on it).

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So, does anyone have a working submarine that they're comfortable posting? 
Every time I try building a submarine, it always works horribly. When submerging, it gets all off-balance, and it's just a pain.

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10 hours ago, Raptor22 said:

So, does anyone have a working submarine that they're comfortable posting? 
Every time I try building a submarine, it always works horribly. When submerging, it gets all off-balance, and it's just a pain.

For now, that's not uncommon for even me.  And I'm supposed to know how they work.  As long as you have a compressor/decompresor, bow, stern and a computer on it, you have the essentials.  The first dive you make you'll probably end up standing it on it's bow or stern.  That's normal for even me.  The steps you want to take are this:

First, bring the sub to a complete stop with at least a couple hundred meters under the keel.  Coming to a complete stop is pretty essential to getting it right.  The computer isn't sophisticated enough to take your vessel speed and the setting on the dive planes into account when making adjustments.  If you're moving, turning and changing the pitch, the computer will never get the settings right. 

Then, turn on the compressor and start flooding the ballast.  Once you start diving, keep the compressor running for a bit longer then shut it off. While you still have at least 100m under the keel, turn on the auto buoy.  This will stabilize your depth.  Your keel will probably still be way off.  While the auto buoy is still running, you can can start manually moving some ballast in order to even the keel.  The closer you get it manually, the less time it takes the computer to do it.  The auto buoy will shut off once it's done.  Even while the auto buoy is running, once it starts to get close, you can turn the auto keel on.  The auto buoy adds and removed ballast.  The auto keel only moves what's already there.

The auto keel will also shut off once it's done and will turn the SAS on to help keep the ship stable.  That's how you'll know it's done.   Now that it's finished, look at the ballast amounts in each tank and take note of it.  From now on, any time you use this sub, those numbers won't change much.  You'll still have the same ratio of ballast, front to back, and roughly the same total amount of compressed water. Now that the buoy and keel are set, you don't need to run them again.  The amount of compressed water you have will keep you reasonably stable at any depth.  And the ratio of ballast will keep your keel even at most any depth.  The only time you should need to run them again is if you blow the ballast to surface or you turn on the decompressor to the point that one tank is empty while the decompressor is still running.

The whole point of the computer, is not to do it automatically for you, but to give you a 'ball park' idea of what your ballast should look like.  From then on, you'll have a pretty good idea of where to set things manually... for example, you'll know you need at least 40 units of compressed water to dive and you'll need 24 in the stern, 16 in the bow.  And, you can start setting up those ratios manually when you first start to dive.  

Think of it this way.  The first dive you make in a sub is the training dive.  You learn how it wants to be set up. From then on, you should be able to get close to both the amount and the ratio manually, enough that you'll only need the computer to fine-tune your ballast and keel.   I look at the sub computer with the same disdain I look at MechJeb.  Once upon a time, I used it.  I watched, I learned.  But then one day, I realized it was having all the fun.  I haven't used it since.  The more things I have code do for you, the less entertaining it will be for you. (That's not to say I'm not looking for a better way to do the auto keel. Right now, it's really slow.)

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On 6/27/2016 at 5:44 PM, 123nick said:

fengist, didn't you say that you were leaving ksp modding or something? i mean, i think its great that you returned, and submarines are awesome.

The rumors of my death are highly exaggerated.

On 6/27/2016 at 11:08 PM, LabRats said:

Are there any mod requirements for this pack? The animations (RoRo Bow, and Gangway) don't seem to animate. They stay at "Status: clamped". Will try to prepare some logs. Also will try as only mod.

Only Firespitter an I include the latest .dll in the pack.  I'm trying to remember, I had this issue too but it was something silly I forgot unrelated to MP.  But I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

On 6/27/2016 at 11:19 PM, zacharii said:

fengist is back! any plans for catapult and restraining cables for the carrier portion of the pack? I can assist with modeling/texturing if you need any help, that is :wink:

Not for the current CVE.  It's just too small to really make it worthwhile. While I have landed a slow prop plane on one, jumpjets and helos are the best option for it.  Not only that, adding in arresting gear and catapults will require a good bit of coding, as in applying thrusts to vessels without using engines (I've done it with code before but it's not easy).  Plus, you'd have the catapult which would have to be somehow animated to match the thrust applied to the aircraft, a tail hook, arresting gear itself and either a launch bar or some form of lanyard to create as parts.

Let's just say I'm not enthusiastic about creating all that.

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12 minutes ago, Fengist said:

Only Firespitter an I include the latest .dll in the pack.  I'm trying to remember, I had this issue too but it was something silly I forgot unrelated to MP.  But I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

If anyone remembers, I could use the help. All my other mods are animating correctly. Ill try reinstalling the mod.

Love the mod.

Does that plugin/mod with the animated spotlight that tracks your cursor or target still work. It had a walking spider like thing too. I can't remember the mod's name. It would be cool if that mod's functionality could be added to the spotlights in this mod. Either way, I love it and look forward to what the future holds.

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It works in 1.1.3.  I don't know anything about modding, so I have no idea how hard it would be to use the module with your parts. The suggested download zip for the patch didn't work for me. However, when I downloaded the 66kb DLL from the release folder directly from GitHub, it worked perfectly.


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Thanks, I'll take a look at it.  Basically, everything in KSP is on a 3d vector with an x,y,z location.  I'm guessing he's pointing it from it's 3d location to the target's.  The problem is, how do you deal with things in the way? 

Anyway, that's for later.  Here's what I'm currently playing with:



And yep, the thrust is being applied to the sails.  You'll note the throttle position.  And you may also notice it's heavy on the bow and I've got 40 tons of ballast on he stern trying to hold the rudder in the water. It's still a LONG LONG way from anywhere near completion.  This was just a basic thrust test.

The theory is thus:  At various latitudes and longitudes on sail-able planets, there will be data points.  Each of these points will have a wind condition (i.e. direction, velocity).  Depending on where you are, the 3 closest data points are found and weather conditions at your location are 'created.'  Periodically (every 30 secs +/- 20 secs) the local and global conditions are recalculated and some minor randomness thrown in.  The data points are then saved so that whenever you restart KSP, the weather will be the same it was when you logged out.

This won't be like other weather mods whereby you turn the conditions off and on with a button.  But, for now, it'll only affect sails.

Once the local weather is determined, the 'thrust vector' for the sails (for the square ones above it's straight out the back) and the vector for the local wind are compared and, if you're sailing with the wind, you make speed.  If not, you may even find yourself sailing the wrong way.  For triangular sails, thrust and sail angles will be considered so that best speeds will be somewhere between the beam and broad reach. And speed will be determined by how much you furl or unfurl the sails... which I may link to thrust for convenience.

Hopefully, if I can figure out all this geometry, it'll be a lot like sailing... down to the point that you'll heel over (I'll consider hatches on the bottom of hulls) in a good wind.

And there'll be gusts and gales.  I hope.

Anyway, that's today's experiment.

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Fengist's Shipyard and Gedunk Shoppe R&D Department

Sorry this isn't in an Album format but on these forums, Imgur SUCKS.  It keeps chopping the pictures off at the bottom.

Anyway... let's see what you guys think about these pics...

Take particular note of the messages being displayed.









That's 0 to 114 m/s in under 5 seconds. 

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