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1.1.3 Tantares N1-L3


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Tantares N1-L3


In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union Space Program was busy developing a superbooster, known as the N1, and a lunar expedition spacecraft known as the L3 to compete with the American Apollo-Saturn V. With the use of Tantares, Tantares LV, Procedural Fairings, and Realchute, I have created a (close enough) replica of the N1 moon mission. I've added the downloadable version because CaptKordite's is outdated and incompatable with current versions, and I can't find another. This even features fairings with a tolerable, even appealing, texture. Other download versions, a TMK/MaVr payload (maybe), and possibly a video coming soon.





Moon Flight Instructions

  1. For historical accuracy, use only the first three stages (Bloks A, B, & V) to get into orbit. (Not Mechjeb comptable).
  2. Hit 2 to start the fuel cells
  3. Use the fourth stage, Blok G, to push yourself onto a Munar encounter. For best results, make it a free return trajectory whose periapsis enters the atmosphere.
  4. Your next stage should decouple two things, jettison a fairing, and one other thing I can't remember. Stage it, turn around and dock with the lander.
  5. Use Blok D to slow yourself into a Munar orbit.
  6. For historical accuracy, spacewalk one of your astronauts from the LOK  (the Soyuz-like part) to the LK, the lander.
  7. Use Blok D to slow yourself down onto a suborbital trajectory, then jettison it.
  8. Use the lander to land however you wish.
  9. Get out, take some samples, do an EVA report, plant a flag.
  10. Take off to a rendezvous with the LOK.
  11. Switch vessels to the LOK, and have it dock with the lander.
  12. Spacewalk whoever is in the lander back to the orbiter
  13. Ditch the lander, and do an Earth return burn.
  14. Right before you enter the atmosphere, stage the Orbital module, and the Service module.
  15. Once you slow down sufficiently, hit 1 to jettison the heat shield.
  16. Deploy the parachutes.
  17. We've laughed. we've cried, and now it's over.


As I lack any piloting skills, the craft is untested. If you experience mission complications or see any coming or anything related to the craft, let me know.

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