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A doodle that became a working KSP Space Cruiser


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Hey everyone, new to the forums. I just thought I'd share a little doodle I made on the back of a notepad while at work one fine afternoon. I took a lot of inspiration from my time playing KSP and then funny enough, I made the ship in KSP that I drew on the doodle. Anyways, I thought you guys may enjoy!



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6 hours ago, AlamoVampire said:

neat! What mods if any are used?

The only mods I use with The TK-2 are MechJeb  or Kerbal Engineer for information readouts. All stock parts, feel free to check her out at my hangar (.craft file)!

1 hour ago, 0111narwhalz said:

It looks stock, as far as I can tell. Can't see the engines very well, but from what little I can see, they look stock too.

The engines are 4 mainsail assisted by 12 nuclear engines

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