Hello everyone, Tuesday come and go: last week was of course the release day for patch 1.1.3. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback, and it looks like our 1.1 branch is now stable. That has meant that the team has switched gears and started focusing on the first week of full-time development spent on update 1.2, and aside from updating to Unity 5.4 that means spring cleaning! Ted has been finishing up working on the innards of the build server, getting it all documented and coming up with plans for the future - scalability, manageability etcetera. He’s also been moving house, and took just two days to do it. The man has a talent for organisation that is rarely witnessed. The main effort for the developers revolves around removing now obsolete user interface systems. As you might remember one of the main upgrades in the 1.1 update revolved around rewriting the old user interface, and now that we’re confident it all works as it should it’s time to remove the old systems that were quietly running in the background. Mike (Mu) and Jim (Romfarer) have been tasked with what is a truly Herculean task. Progress is solid, though Chris (Porkjet) and Nathan (Claw) have their hands full making sure everything works and looks as it should. At the same time Mike and Jim, with the help of Bob (Roverdude) and Nathanael (NathanKell) have been working to update the game to Unity 5.4, a move that will allow us to fix a few long standing issues as well as increase performance in many ways. To help with that Bob, Brian (Arsonide) and Nathanael have been working their way through the project upgrading middleware such as Vectrosity (which we use to render orbit lines), removing old foreach() loops, Singletons and generally de-linqing the game. We recommend that modders to the same in anticipation of the next update to help increase performance for all KSP players. Linq and foreach() loops in particular create a lot of garbage, which is what causes the stutter that some people experience while running the game. On the new content front Brian is working on a 1.1.3 compatible version of the official Asteroid Day mod. His timing is impeccable. Bob has was able to merge his antenna telemetry code into the main project, and the QA team is already looking forward to hunting down the edge cases that will no doubt be found with the help of Dave (TriggerAu), who has been leading the way in reviewing the testing processes the team used for version 1.1.3. Once reviewed, we can see what worked and what didn’t so that we’re ready to QA test update 1.2. In particular, the QA team is working to adapt to the Scrum methodology that the developers have switched to recently. Speaking of our QA team: Steve (Squelch) has been flown in to Mexico to do some intensive testing on consoles to complement the same work Mathew (sal_vager) is doing in the UK. They’ve found a few issues that have now been resolved and are looking forward to the day of release. Steve is meanwhile enjoying the Mexican hospitality, and Pablo (Paul Amsterdam), Nestor, Rodrigo (Roy) and Andrea (Badie) are enjoying his company.
Squad also attended the Unity Developer Day in Mexico where our management team (Adrian and Ezequiel) talked about the history of KSP. The talk was well received, and we’ll look into more ways to engage with other developers in the future. That’s it for this week! As always you may ask us questions on the official KSP forums, on Facebook and on Reddit!  
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