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I see a lot of suggestions that are not thought through, complete or logical. I want to fix this by creating a checklist for one to follow when making suggestions.(yes I know I'm not an admin, I just want to help that's all) here's the checks:

  • Would this suggestion add a significant amount of game time to the feature being added or changed.(so would the more or less average¬†player spend time on this)
  • Would this suggestion pay off(so if a suggestion takes a month to create but people only glance at it once, it's not good)
  • will Squad be able to create this in a more or less timely fashion?(self explanatory)
  • Will this be better off as a mod?(will a mod be a better solution)
  • will a player who does not understand much about the game and how it works be able to understand what you are suggesting
  • has your suggestion been already suggested

anyone who can help improve this list can post below

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