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[1.1.3] Odysseus Planet Pack


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This planet pack Adds 2 gas planets, 4 moons and 2 asteroids between duna and dres. 

this pack was originally made by @Thomas988 here:

but eventually he stopped working on it. i saw this pack and asked him if it would break his copyright if i updated it, turns out he didn't know either. but i got permission and proceeded to update the pack to work with the latest version of Kopernicus, plus a few changes.




This large gas planet was found in a nearly circular retrograde orbit in the asteroid belt by Kerbal astronomers. because of its orbit, they assumed it had been captured early in the systems history, and it seems it and Jools combined efforts created the asteroid belt between the two.



The first moon of Odysseus, this dry moon was initially thought to be tidally locked. however, long time observations showed it is barely rotating faster than its orbit. 



One of the last moons to be discovered, this small rock orbits in a heavily inclined orbit. it is known for its staggering cinematic views of its parent and the other moons. Because it appears similar to dres, astronomers assume it was captured by Odysseus.



Originally thought to be Duna, Kerbal astronomers quickly realized it was orange, and duna does not have a blue atmosphere. this world provides a rich oxygen atmosphere not unlike Laythe's, however it has half the gravity.



Another like Antinuos, this asteroid is smaller than gilly and is thought to be held together more by its tensile strength than its own gravity. It is spinning unusually fast, to the point where spacecraft will fly off the mountain peaks, however the valleys may prove to be more accepting.



Another like Telemachus, this object takes after eve colorwise. however, it lacks the soup Eve calls an atmosphere and has a much weaker gravity. It is thought to have stunning views of the rest of the system.



This Blue ice giant was found after Kerbal astronomers noticed Odysseus wobbled, a lot. Athena won't quite orbit Odysseus, its more like they dance around one another majestically. 



This golden moon orbits Athena and compliments its blue nicely. Kerbal astronomers were amazed to find a moon orbiting a moon, but Athena's distance and gravity have kept it there for a long time.




Download button at the top of the page

just copy whats in the game data folder from the download int ksp's game data folder

Requires Kopernicus found here:

1.1.1 change log:

Changed some orbit colors

added DOE support

added ResearchBodies support

re added Planetshine support

fixed sigmabinary config file

1.1 change log:



(Known) changes:

Tweaked some orbits, now Eumaeus has some room for its SOI.

Added biomes

Added ground colors to match map view

Moved code to MM configs to improve compatibility

Removed FlightsGlobalsIndex as it is now unnecessary

Added Normals maps

Changed some orbit colors

Changed some rotation periods

Increased Penelope's gravity due to atmosphere slowing a ship to less than 10 m/s when landing

Added sigma binary support

added New Horizons Compatibility Patch

Removed old EVE configs as they didn't work anymore

(temporary) Removed planetshine configs

Changed some PQS material on Telemachus

Added license

Removed Herobrine



they'll be here soon, don't worry.


Licensed under a creative commons attribution share alike 4.0 international license

Attribution: @Thomas988

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3 hours ago, Kaiser82 said:

any special instructions for install, besides throw it into gamedata? for some reason I cant get it working.

i just found out it wasn't working too! it shouldn't need anything sorry. I'm trying to fix it right now sorry :/ 

its so strange too, nothing it uses has updated and i have been using it in my personal game :confused:

EDIT: found out i installed my own mod wrong XD. theres a folder in the odysseyus planet pack folder called Gamedata. just copy everything out of that and get rid of the original one. sorry. changing the file structure as it even confused me .

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Sorry, it was my own fault. After trying again it still didnt work. So i jumbled up all the dll's and zip folders trying to fix it, turns out i didnt even realize i never downloaded 1.1.3.



Anyway it works now and is awesome, thanks!

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