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# of Mods and Loading Time Survey for Science

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Curiosity killed the kerbal. And I'm curious about how many mods most people are using and load times they get out of them.



Please post in this format:

1. # of mods in use.

2. approximate time it takes to load the starting screen.

3. approximate time it takes for a scene change (from space center to the VAB, for example.)


Here's mine:

1. 67 mods

2. 26 seconds to start screen

3. 5 seconds from spacecenter to VAB


My gamedata folder is only 500 mb most of my mods are small contract packs and whatnot. I love them all more than is natural for a man to love a mod and I can't function without them.

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I'd wager it has a lot to do with what the mod actually does.

So some large or extensive mods may add let's say 10 seconds of load time while others that are simpler and smaller will add only 1 second depending on how much there is to load.

So I don't think just tallying up your total number of mods is going to give very conclusive data as it's ignoring which mods were actually talking about.

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1. I've lost count. Maybe around 50, of varying complexity (RCS Sounds to USI)

2. little over a minutes, but my computer is very potato. 

3. 5~10 seconds? Never noticed anything different here from vanilla

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1. 51

2. 5-10 minutes. It's RSS/RO

3. approx. 5-10 seconds, gradually increasing to 15 seconds and possible crashing


p.s It's probably better if you make this a poll.

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