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Rockets and Spacecrafts - KerbalX/SpaceX


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Hello all, since a few times I have been asked to fill in all the work of one page from now on all the work will be a representation (or update) here.

At the moment this new rockets.

ANGARA: Young rocket, its first launch occurred only in 2014, the main emphasis on modularity thanks to the first stage. Author Angara RO cfg MoNsTroo, thank you!

13203714_m.png 13203715_m.png 

DOWNLOAD:  version 1.3.3

http://spacedock.info/mod/815/Angara Rocket Pack

SOYUZ: The legendary rocket, pioneer in the exploration of outer space and simply beauty. Rocket comes with spacecraft Soyuz, and the cargo ship Progress. It does not RO cfg.

13203757_m.png 13203758_m.png 

DOWNLOAD: Upgrading to version 1.2.2. Has a functional IVA, updated textures and solar panels.

https://spacedock.info/mod/1297/Above the Sky - Soyuz TMA and R7?noedit=True

Also a cyclogram on @kerbinorbiter with add-on KOS.

Author's quote: it only includes the Landing and launch scripts i have also editied the scripts so the Apoapsis is 151Km and the periapsis 141Km.



KOS add-on.


KerbalX (Analog SpaceX)



Put on the stream add-on KerbalX (SpaceX), I will not work on it on this if you do not like something correct it yourself.
The rocket and ships are not a copy of their real counterparts, do not take this work seriously.



https://spacedock.info/mod/1387/KerbalX-Falcon rocket (analog SpaceX rocket)


Authors addon:



Thank you for helping MoNsTroo, KerbinOrbiter and Cerberus

All rights reserved.





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38 minutes ago, evileye.x said:

What is the diameter of Soyuz capsule?

All the missiles that I do made real, and reduced to 0.64x.

3 minutes ago, Deimos Rast said:

dropbox folders "don't exist" error.

Sadness overwhelming.

Other links work though:D

Okay, I take it away.

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20 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

@DECQif you don't have any objection, the RO team can take care of the RO configs, not only for this awesome pack but for all of your packs. In fact, the modders are not required to make these configs themselves, this it is a responsibility of the RO team.

It would be very good, Angara has the RO but if must then I remove it from the package.

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8 minutes ago, CobaltWolf said:

@DECQ looks great! What configurations are supported for each rocket? Only the ones shown? Or can you make, say, Angara A 1.2 or the R7 8K78? I assume not.

Thank. You can create Angara 1.2pp / 3/5. Soyuz is only the last modification, the earlier version is not, as in the development of Breeze-M and Fregat.
Fregat model.




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4 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

@DECQis the auxiliary propellant tank detachable like the real one?

Yes, of course, and  began to work for the Fregat M/MT modifications.

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49 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

@DECQsorry for bothering you again but i noticed that the URM-2 stage does not include an RCS. Do you plan to model this in the future or the user must supply his/her own system?

I have not found any information that had URM2 RCS system. 

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1 hour ago, BolleT said:

i don't know if you did it on purpose but if you're just slightly of the prograde mark when launching the soyuz, it will flip out.

Keep your angle of attack at no greater than three degrees of prograde until you are past 15km altitude. It's called the Coriolis Effect. Give it a google.

Not to be confused with the Corleone Effect. Go ahead and take the gun. I'll take the cannoli.

Edited by Jack Wolfe
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Excellent modeling and well done, I am placing this in line with my must have RN packs!  Kudos and slow clap....

Only issue I have had is with the Soyuz DM 1st chute which makes it wobble uncontrollably and it will begin to ascend slightly to the side.  Then it tears to shreds at full deployment, second chute does not fair much better.  This is with stock atmosphere, no FAR or Realistic Atmosphere installed on a standard ballistic return (20k aerobraking from a 150k orbit).

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11 hours ago, BakerNator said:


Made a short video about it is shown how it is necessary to lower a capsule, a program for recording video is not set up for this terrible quality and lag.


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11 hours ago, VenomousRequiem said:

I used both of the parachutes after an abort (Because the rocket flipped, as it does every time, no matter how I fly it) because the main ripped off after violently throwing the capsule around, and then the emergency chute did the same. All three crew members perished. :(

If the rocket is turned at you every time then you something is not done so, the missile flies very well, parachutes have to open very early, as shown in the video.

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5 minutes ago, DECQ said:

If the rocket is turned at you every time then you something is not done so, the missile flies very well, parachutes have to open very early, as shown in the video.

So what you're saying is that the parachutes are useless for abort procedures? I think maybe it was messed up somehow and it's issues slipped through the cracks during your testing. Shouldn't parachutes work at all altitudes? (Except maybe 3 feet from the ground...)

Edited by VenomousRequiem
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