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What is your favorite planet in KSP?

what is your favorite planet and why?  

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  1. 1. what is your favorite planet and why?

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Moho is heavily underrated. 


  • Solar power is awesome out there - ion engines are truly viable, ISRU refineries are easy to provide power for.
  • Being so close to Kerbol makes for a great (and somewhat terrifying) view. You can almost see the sunspots!
  • The terrain is awesome for rovers - smooth and level in the craters, bumpy and jumpy crags everywhere else.
  • Easy to land on - fairly low gravity without an atmosphere to complicate things. The smooth crater basins help.
  • Moho's low rotation means the planet doesn't move under you much when landing- invaluable for base building.
  • A neat easter egg. The Mohole is very fun to toss things in to - probes, trash, Kerbals, your enemies...
  • Frequent transfer windows, although some are far more efficient for your capture burn than the others.


  • Long and difficult capture burn - however, people make it harder than it needs to be by departing at the wrong time.
  • Heatshields will slowly lose ablator over time, which can make the reentry into Kerbin's atmosphere... suboptimal.
  • Some radiators will be required when using nuclear engines.
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7 minutes ago, Zucal said:


  • Two neat easter eggs. The Moholes are very fun to toss things in to - probes, trash, Kerbals, your enemies...

But there's only 1 Mohole...

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Eeloo. It's so far away. While I'm doing my Elcano challenge there, the sun gets further and further away due to the fact I landed at apoapsis. The terrain is both flat, bumpy, rough, mountainous, and covered with canyons filled with dirt or minerals or maybe even gas. Who knows? It's HUGE SOI means that captures are 2,000 m/s or less. If you arrive at its periapsis, it has more solar power than Laythe, a popular spot. Its far orbit means that travel times are long, but it stays in the same place for long do to the low orbital velocity, meaning you get to enjoy the apoapsis or periapsis for a long time. It's Mun like gravity makes easy landings, so it doesn't require big landers, which means no big transfer stages. Eeloo is great and severally underrated.

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Jool. It's good for practicing orbital maneuvers in a smaller setting, because  it has moons. Plus it's green, my favorite color. I'm also terrified of its dark side...

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10 hours ago, Majorjim said:

Ive seen a few of these polls before and Duna always comes out on top.

Can't help but notice that Dres, Jool and Kerbin all have more votes than Duna

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Duna.  It's easy to get to and for that reason most players choose it as their first interplanetary mission.  With a successful Duna mission and the realisation that it is really no more difficult to go interplanetary than it is to go to the Mun, people then feel encouraged to start planning missions to the other planets and moons.  At least, that's how it worked for me.

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It's a tad more difficult to go interplanetary than going to the Mun, but it is indeed not as difficult as many new players think. I considered it nearly impossible to travel to Duna when I was a green player, but it just takes a well built craft and a bit of planning. Now I travel to Duna relatively often, really wanna go to the Jool system soon, seems like an interesting system.

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