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CFG Node rotation


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Hello everyone,

I\'m a bit (much) confused about the three rotation parameters in defining nodes:

node_stack_bottom = x, y, z, angx, angy, angz, size

I\'ve tried figuring it out through trial and error, checking how other files do it, but got nowhere.

I\'m confused about what values you should use and how they relate to degrees.

Can someone shed some light?

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Thanks for the information.

So how can i make it go like 3 degrees? Or rotate something on its Y-axis?

I also need it to define thrust fx, i guess the same applies there?

Let me explain

In my mod I have a custom escape tower with 3 nozzles, which all point outward a bit.

I need the thrust effects to fit to these, of course. I\'ve checked NovaPunch\'s escape tower, which only has either 0\'s or 1\'s, some negative, in the angle parameters.

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0,0,0,0,1,0 - y-axis will go up. if x1 = 1, and y1=z1=0, x-axis will be go up. In Unity y goes up, x right, z - forward.

Wait, so node_stack_bottom allows you to correct the object\'s initial rotation?

The wiki really needs a complete rewrite of how the node system works, or a tutorial of some sort.

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