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Anyone Know Of Non-Rotating Solar Panels (like on JUNO)


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Hi peeps. I seem to remember there used to be an option to fix solar panels into one plane like the solar panels on JUNO... But look as I have, I cannot find any solar panel that doesn't follow the sun and the option to make them fixed no longer is there.

Am I going nuts?... Do I have a bad memory (yeah)?... Does anyone have a clue where I can have resizeable FIXED MOVEMENT solar panels?

Help me Kerbiwan Kernobi. You're my only hope.

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I don't ever remember that. You want them to be extendable too though, don't you?  (Otherwise I'd suggest making your own. Extending them is 99.9% of the fun though...)

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Yeah I want them extendible or they wouldn't work... and I'm pretty sure back in the day there was an option to make them follow the sun or not. Will have to dig out my old installs of 0.15 or so. Soooo back in the day.

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It's a mod that I used to use called "Tweakable Everything."

Here are the things it can do...


Featured Tweakables

  • Revised Decoupler Ejection Force Slider
  • Docking Port Decouple Staging Toggle
  • Docking Port Ejection Force Slider
  • Docking Port "Magnet" Force Slider
  • Docking Port "Magnet" Torque Slider
  • Docking Port Re-engage Distance Slider
  • Docking Port Shield Toggle
  • EVA Thruster Pack
  • Gimbal Range Slider
  • Gimbal Reverse Control Toggle
  • Intake Enable/Disable in Editor
  • Parachute Deployment Time Factor Sliders
  • Reaction Wheel Torque Sliders (Yaw, Pitch, Roll)
  • SAS Autopilot Upgrade Slider (Career mode only)
  • Solar Panel/Radiator Deployment Toggle
  • Solar Panel/Radiator Sun Tracking Toggle

Bonus Features

  • Docking port "Control from here" now available for use in action groups.
  • Resource flow enable/disable/toggle now available for use in action groups.
  • Gimbal "reverse control" available for use in action groups.


See the bold text?... it lets you turn off the sun tracking. I just KNEW I had seen that option somewhere before but I've gone through sooooo many mods over the years I just forgot.


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Or, if you don't want to install a mod specifically for this, you could just write a snippet of ModuleManager code-- either to disable rotation entirely, or to clone the solar panel into a new, non-rotating part.

Admittedly the TweakableEverything solution has the advantage that it gives you an actual UI option for setting the behavior on individual panels.

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