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Help us help you [how to ask for support]


KasperVld    4163

The Support forum is a place where users can help one another solve problems they are having with Kerbal Space Program. The first step will always be to check if your problem is already in the Known Issues Thread. If a workaround is known it will be posted there, and if there is no work-around rest assured we will work to release a patch as soon as possible. 

If your issue is not yet known we ask you to post a new thread to ask other users for help. To do that effectively youshould  start out your help request by posting a new thread with the most information possible about your issue, and the system you're running the game on. Making an effort to title your thread descriptively and provide as much of the information below as you can will help the community assist you better.


Which information should your support request have?

  • The console you're running the game on, for example PlayStation 4 or XBox One
  • A detailed explanation of what happened and what you were trying to accomplish
  • If possible, a screenshot of your craft or any relevant screens
  • Any steps you've taken to try and solve the issue already


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