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Jebediah found himself wandering around the design department recently, so thought he would have a go at putting together something for fun rather than the serious business of space exploration.  The flying sub is what he came up with, and surprisingly managed to get it on to the production line as well.




Is quite versatile, fun for a while, is a bit different



Has no real practical use, has a short range, doesn't fly particularly well which makes it a cow to land, isn't a particularly good submarine due to the positive buoyancy, though it does make a reasonable boat.


Operational notes.

Taking off from water should be done from the submerged position as too much speed is lost when trying to transition from the surface.  Try not to land too slowly as this requires the nose to be pitched up to reduce vertical velocity, which usually results in bouncing all over the place when the main gear touches down.  A nose high attitude when landing on water usually results in the engines getting knocked off.

Action group key 1 toggles the engine mode.


Craft file on Dropbox


ETA:  Have made a few small changes to the craft since posting, so that it now flies better (marginally) and is not so prone to skidding across the runway when landing, but it's still a cow to land.

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1 hour ago, Majorjim said:

Hi there, the pic is just black..

Hmm, not sure why that should be as it's just a link to a Vimeo video file.  I will investigate to see if I can determine the reason as it is showing fine on my PC.

ETA: Changed it for a Youtube video, so hopefully should be ok now.

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