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Satellite launch helper?

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Hello. I have recently installed Remotetech and I have been trying to set up a satellite network around Kerbin. I have been unable to position the satellites however. 

For example, I tried to get a sat directly above KSC. I tried moving the manuverability nodes around and doing different burns each time I tried, but I couldn't get the sat in the correct spot, let alone a set of three. 

My question is: Is there a mod that allows you to tell it where you want a satellite, and it will tell you where and when to burn? It would be even better If it can place the node for you like MechJeb can. 

Thank you to any feedback. :) 

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Don't reckon there is - Hyperedit can place things directly but that's a bit too much of a sidestep :P

You want to keep an eye on your orbital period, not something you need to bother with usually. Hitting geosync over KSC wasn't terribly hard - iirc you have to burn from directly the other side of the planet but I can't remember what the starting altitude was, I'm sure it'll be buried in the RT thread.

Don't forget this isn't Earth - one bouncer stationary over KSC is a good idea, but otherwise you generally just want four fairly low orbit relays ( or a bunch in Molinya orbits, a bit more tricky to set up ). Once again, orbital period matters.

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