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Kerbal Administration Science and Space Council (KASSC)

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My company, DDRocketsInc has won an exclusive tender from by the Kerbin Administration Science & Space Council (KASSC) to assist them with exploration of the Kerbol solar system, including Outer Planets Mod. The KASSC benefits not only from the extensive science that the exploration brings but also experience they need to develop their Kerballed exploration of the solar system.

I have therefore started a new career mode in 1.1.3 with unmanned before manned mod because I can’t stand killing poor Kerbals. With an initial outlay of funds, the company has steadily developing ‘generations’ of probes to complete the exploration.

Each new generation received the latest science available and (typically) upgraded propulsion as well, in this manner each generation (should) also extend the range of exploration. I have tried remote tech before but am more of an engineer/designer than pilot and so just get too frustrated trying to get communication networks up. I should also point out that the company DDRocketsInc also received a grant from the KASSC about 2 years into the agreement to jump from generation 3 to 4 as contract funds were drying up. Ironically in many cases as soon as they were launched and set for transfer many other organisations put up paying contracts, so DDRocketsInc has been able to start paying the Council back.


Generations of Probes

Generation One: Pioneer Class

Tier one and two science, they came in orbiters only. Probes feature liquid fuel/oxidizer propulsion with early generation solar power.


Pioneer class orbiters where sent to Kerbal, Mun and Minmus SOI only. They were also used for many contracts within those SOI to gain funds


Generation Two: Venturer Class (Roc)

Tier one, two and three science they came in orbiters with landers attached. Probes feature liquid fuel/oxidizer propulsion for landers, and RCS for orbiters. Both orbiters and landers feature upgraded solar power compared to the Pioneer Class. Venturer series probes are called Roc Probes after mythical bird of prey.






A pair of Venturer class orbiters with landers where sent to Duna as the transfer window came up. Transit time of 500 days allowed me to start Kerballed exploration of Kerbal, Mun and Minmus SOI. When they arrived landers landed on Duna and Ike, each orbiter also parking at either body. A single Venturer was also sent to Dres when the transfer window openned.


Generation Three:                   Pioneer II Class

The Pioneer II class orbiters were an upgrade of the Pioneer class. I had managed to unload some tier three science to use on them and larger solar panels but not much else. I kept RCS propulsion as it seems more efficient than liquid fuel/oxidizer.


A pair Pioneer II class where sent to Jool as the transfer window came up. A special lifter was also sent with a pair of modified Venturer landers to scope out science on Jool’s moons. Modifications were limited to upgraded solar panels.



Generation Four:                   Discovery Class (Crius)

A Sarnus transfer window as opening and I really did not want to send a Pioneer II class orbiter because it does not seem right to use RCS propulsion that far out into the solar system. I had just received a contract to test the ‘Dawn’ Ion engine in on a suborbital trajectory to Minmus between two heights I built the orbiter up to be used on a Sarnus mission all available orbital science (up to a mixture of tier 4 and 5). I decided to call the discovery class Crius – the titan god of constellations in Greek mythology. Crius orbiters feature Ion/Electric propulsion with four of the five section solar panels from ‘future solar’ mod, loads of science and gold plated cores.

Ion Drive




A pair Discovery class where sent to Sarnus as the transfer window came up. They are still on the way.


Generation Five:                      Eyre Class (Phoenix)

As the Discovery class probes are stand-alone orbiters I decided to design a new class of landers, they are named Eyre after the famous Australian explorer (Edward John Eyre). The Sarnus transfer window was still not quiet open so I sent two of the new Eyre landers there to check out Sarnus’s moons. These first 2 Eyre class landers are called Phoenix 1 and 2. They are non-atmospheric landers and feature liquid fuel/oxidizer propulsion with four engines to provide plenty of TWR on landing, plenty of surface science and gold plated cores like their orbiting (discovery brethren).



A pair Eyre class where sent to Sarnus’s moons as the transfer window came up. They are still on the way.


Kerbal Exploration

While the robotic explorers from DDRocketsInc’s have been exploring the solar system, the Kerbals from the KGSSC have been placing their toes in the water around Kerbin and her moons. They have managed to land on both the Mun and Minmus and build a small orbiting science station around Kerbin and the Mun.

Bob on EVA


Kerbin Orbital Science Station (KOSS)


Landing on Minmus



DDRocketsInc has recently received contracts to develop ore scanning software and satellites. We understand that the Kerbals are planning to use these to start mining moons and asteroids so they can reach further into the solar system.


Please stay tuned for the further adventures from the KASSC and DDRocketsInc, next week will look at how DDRocketsInc has developed the Intrepid class of lifters.

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