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[1.1.3] Mk3 Mini Expansion


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This Mini pack contains 2 Parts : Mk3 Shuttle RCS nose cone, Mk3 Airliner Cockpit

This mod will be dedicated to Mk3 parts, in long term more parts could be added (very unlikely, sorry, folks).

Currently the cockpit's IVA is WIP similar to stock mk3 cockpit, as well as light option.*

K. Yeon modelled the Nose cone from space shuttle endeavour, but i couldn't get it exactly the same i hope you guys wont mind it.







New update (v1.2) requires you to delete previous versions:

Go to GameData/OPT/Parts/ delete mk3_cockpit and mk3_cockpit_shuttle_nose from there!


SPACEDOCK (Hey, it's mod #666!)


for installation just unzip the zip file in your KSP installation folder.


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Thanks to Naito for his awsome NASA style space shuttle! >>>http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/103703-0-90-Mk3-Space-Shuttle

Thanks to Porkjet for inspiration of texturing and squad's mk3 designs

Thanks to K. Yeon for creating these wonderful parts


This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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Just a note for FYI, I know OPT is currently being revamped for a new release, that includes all the legacy parts... I know the Shuttle Nose and Airliner Cockpit are included in the current mod dev... I'm not exactly sure what @stali79's plans are for them ultimately, tho... They may/may not get improvements from that "team"... ??

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