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1 hour ago, Nightside said:

Uh oh, station is offline now

You can use the maps to look for another.

Oh, the WU, sorry, yeah, I should have picked one inland. I have one near my own house, so I just hit the back button. Ooops


That one had a gust to 99.

(I've had gusts to 99 at my house in NM—well, the tram reported that, and they are 600 yards from my house).

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Ok so, in Vegas it’s very dry. We usually only get rains around the monsoon season (July/august), and yet, it has rained every day for the past week without fail. ITS THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY WHAT THE HECK IS THE WEATHER THINKING?!?!?

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On 1/6/2023 at 4:15 PM, tajwo said:

In summer two years in a row (2021,2022) there were really bad heatwaves :(
I read somewhere it got as bad as 42°C in some places here.

I went to the Hoover dam one year and it was like 116°F or something stupidly high in the shade.

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Here in Sofia it was extremely windy while I was going to school in the morning. It was awful. I think it's calming down now

Edited by tajwo
It's still windy
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