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add 'historical sites' to tracking station

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I really like using the categories in the tracking station to find rovers, landers, bases, debris and so on. What I miss in this list is a tag for historical sites. I don't want to terminate my first Mun lander, but I also don't want it in 'landers' or 'bases' (because it is no longer active).


At the moment I rename all vessels that have served their purpose to 'history-vesselname', but a separate category would be nice.


Thanks for this excellent game.

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My favoured option (as I have said elsewhere before) is for a 'folder' type system for flights in the tracking station.  That way we can organise them in any way we choose.  Folders can be opened, closed or shown as desired.  

I wouldn't want to lose the current icon system though,  that could still be used as now and applied to folder contents, a few more icon types would also be handy. 

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