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Bugs I've found so far with the Xbox Version


Ok. If this turns out to be useless I'll delete. I'll be erasing the already fixed bugs from the list (Feel free to add more).

Edit: I've only found about about the Bug Reporter now, didn't know I do anything there but to see which bugs have already been addressed. So I'll be reporting these bugs from the list there as well.


-Unable to target a survey/observation mission marker from the Map View mode. When I click over the marker a small blank window pops up (also dropping my frames down to somewhat close to 5FPS until I close the window). This same window should have a button called "Activate Navigation" so I could see the survey place from the NavBall 

-Cannot change Damper and Spring values of landing gears like in the PC version - It doesn't show up when I open the landing gear settings window in the editor (Bug?)

-When I build crafts with the landing gears connected to an aerodynamic part or a girder strut and try launching it, as soon as the game loads on the runway the landing gear wheels are kind of stuck into the ground and start jumping in place (the wheel stress bar also keeps jumping as if it was hitting the ground constantly). The same thing happens when these same wheel get in contact with the terrain (I tried dropping the craft from a small height with the Launch Stability Enhancer, but as soon as the wheels touch the ground this glitch happens)

-Cannot see the "Gear blocked Yes/No" indicator when opening the context menu on the landing gears.

-Sometimes I cannot close a opened context menu nor can open others, forcing me to reload the game. This happened yesterday, I opened the context menu from the air intake from my craft and couldn't close it by pressing B, nor could I open other's parts context menus.

-FPS drop with Dynawing Final Approach Scenario and Dynawing Reentry Scenario (Seriously needs a fix on these FPS drops - I've bought KSP on console because my PC wouldn't run it very well. And then I have FPS drops (Noticeable Drops!) on the Xbox as well...).

-Tutorial mission popup's always take me off the craft controls. This is a problem in tutorials which involves orbiting maneuvers. As I'm trying to cut throttle to stop a burn the bloody menu pops up, forcing me to have to switch back to ship controls first so I can then cut the burn (it normally makes my burns go past the line, forcing me to burn retrograde (or the opposite) to fix it).

-Crafts falling into the ground and exploding when loading a quicksave on the runway

-Unable to switch steerable landing gear control to trigger button. I wish you could set the steer axis to the trigger as you can do with Yaw controls when activating Advanced Flight Mode (<Modifier> + <Y>)





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I've bought for Xbox One because my computer can't handle very nicely, but when I play on my Xbox I have HUGE fps drops. It's frustrating, HarversteR left and what he left in Squad screwed the game (that company that made the porting made a bad job).

Another problem for me is the version, that is outdated. And no signs of update for consoles.

Kerbal Space Program was one of the best games I've played and my money was worth so much on PC. But I regret buying it on Xbox, I wouldn't recommend. 

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Your first two wheel issues, damper/spring settings and no 'Wheel blocked' message, are likely due to the console version being a little behind the PC, those features were added very late to 1.1, also an update is planned.


The release processes on console and PC are quite different, and the console builds are based off of the PC ones. When we want to patch the consoles we merge PC commits and work on the custom code and assets that are needed to make it run on the consoles. The console builds then have to go through certification with the console manufacturer (Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo) before we can make them available. As a result the consoles are likely to run a little bit behind compared to the PC releases, but we will keep updating all platforms as we move forward.


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