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Bomb challenge!

(I just like explosions)

Make a craft the flies and drop bombs...(Yes that's all)

Use mods if you have to, please tell me the names of the mod

Send a video, download link or images in the reply section.

IMPORTANT: The bigger the exposition the better!

My bomb:!cAo2HQYR!Pjdl81qWxzFX37TLSYwDsQKJitvk8SNe-Lblk1Byfv4

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Ease up on the font size there, Sparky.

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How about drop a bomb in the most creative way?

Tossed it and ran 21km away before it hit the water near the air base. Not much of an explosion, but since the biggest one you can get is the nuke from BD, there's no challenge to it really.

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