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Yet another Wheel Block question

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There have been lots of questions regarding building craft and/or mods to avoid the lovely wheel blocked work around/bug/thing.

However, I've been getting situations where a vehicle that doesn't have the wheel block issue later develops it.  Usually mixed with the wheel moving to the upper limit of it's suspension.  So it's like a suspension collapse.  And it usually coincides with something like a heavy landing, so presumably it makes some sort of sense.  (although the one that triggers me to ask this is a rover I sent to Duna, that was suspended by a docking port, so no forces would have been pushing the wheels up, and I didn't discover it until I got to Duna)

It'd be really nice if the situation could be repaired.  Like fixing a flat tire.  I assume it's a cause of the wheel passing a safe distance and being blocked/locked by the code that does the wheel blocking.  Can anyone think of a fix, or mod that allows suspension repair?

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