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Show off your drawings! (and other artworks!)

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1 hour ago, Pine said:

I found a really, really nice blog filled with sketches that I think is worth a look if you're learning to draw or interested in general. Not mine, obviously, but it's too good to keep to myself.



Wow. Cars aren't really my thing, but the drawings are super nice.

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German Pz. IVs and troops advance on Russian forces as Stukas roar overhead. Image slightly edited for your convience.




Besides the two portraits my art teacher kept because I was too polite to get back, I think this is my best, and I'm super proud of it. Though, I guess its you guys who decide how long that statement will be true.

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Computer finally decides not to rotate it. :D And yes, that is the same Pz. IV from before. Sorry crazy soldier!
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2 hours ago, Luch said:



My eyes.


Also, I have something as well: Artistic impressions of likely exoplanets EPIC 220221272.05 and Iona (EPIC 212525618.01).



The Iona one (above) is more of a rough draft. I think it sucks because I messed up the atmospheric haze and transitions to the dark side. I really need to try and make a planet image following @The White Guardian's YouTube tutorials.

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On 16/06/2017 at 9:02 PM, 0111narwhalz said:

Artists are allowed to degrade their own work. :sticktongue:

you don't get it ^^ it's more something like sort of pro-retro-grade with a  pint of  potentially very crappy pun² ^^

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Another "Dinosaur".


14 minutes ago, WinkAllKerb'' said:

look a raptor i m out of like so ,i "forced" to post to say i like it ^^

Yeah, that happends to me all the time too.

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On 6/24/2017 at 8:44 AM, Durtle02 said:

Wow I love this! Looks like FTL Ships. It's like its from the game! Super cool

I have some FTL (the game FTL: Faster Than Light) stuff too, if you're interested. I might as well post it here.


Here's a 3-part Ion Stunner Artillery.


Here's another weapon.


And here's some large enemy ships for a certain faction. Like some stock-alike FTL ship art, almost all the individual parts are borrowed from the stock FTL art, but they are arranged much differently, and they have additions and subtractions, thus that the ship graphics as a whole are uniquely different.

In the spoiler, one of the ships and the ion cannons can be seen modded in-game.



Finally, below is the export of a ship creation GIMP file, mainly for a certain FTL faction. The ships use heavy amounts of splicing, and some are just sitting there as visual art until I bother to make them unique enough to be worth adding to the game. Many of the variants I won't use, as most of them are very small and extremely similar, so I might as well display them all here.




In addition, I found this older drawing in my files. The probe's shadows were only partially done when I found it.



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