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Show off your drawings! (and other artworks!)

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1 hour ago, roboslacker said:

Today, I copied an image of Wriggle Nightbug into my notebook. I couldn't get the hands to look quite right.

Let's be honest nobody can get hands right.

Looks good!

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3 hours ago, Adstriduum said:

What brush did you use to get them?

Clip Studio Paint Pro default hard edged round watercolor boi

I've tried many other custom cloud brushes but none of them are as good as just taking the time to do it the "hard" way

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Today's class is rather boring, so I drew something on my notebook :P


I'm pretty sure you can guess the size of my drawing by using those notebook lines as scale

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The last time I even bothered drawing a canon character of an anime was somewhere in Naruto Shippuden era (when episodes for that were still being made)...And I wasn't a Naruto fan. That's just for reference.

Izuku Midoriya... proved troublesome for me, largely due to how cheerful he generally is and the level of abstraction in his features. I expect that next time I draw him he'll turn out very different and maybe a little more easily recognizable. But All Might was easy enough, except for how to handle his eyes without his customary extreme shadow/shading.

The girl is my main fan-character for My Hero Academia. I've developed her sufficiently well by (taking my time and) seeing just season 1 and half of season 2? (the U.A. Sports Festival arc). While her quirk can be OP as anything, she has a few decently sized weakness and hindrances built-in, some will wait to be overcome.


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4 minutes ago, HazelPine said:

A little something i did this afternoon! Was loads of fun to do, and I'm hoping to draw this plane again some time in the future...


Is...is that a real plane design?

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1 minute ago, HazelPine said:

Sadly, no. Its just a concept I came up with trying to mix a skylon with something like a giant concorde. :P

Well it's impressive nonetheless. Gostei da bandeira do Brasil!

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