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Show off your drawings! (and other artworks!)


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I know, I'm 3 days late. But, This was saved to my google drive on the 1st, and I just couldn't access Imgur until the 4th. 

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Four Symbols of Destiny. They're based from Chinese constellations, from left to right:

Suzaku, The Vermillion bird of the South

Seiryu, The Azure dragon of the East

Byakko, The White tiger of the West

Genbu, The Black tortoise of the North

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On 5/22/2019 at 3:52 PM, roboslacker said:

Well, it's now been one month since I started my current project, and the end is not in sight.

It's always nice to see Touhou where it's not expected

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Awhh... my very last drawing is my next Kerbal Express Airlines Challenge jet concept in form of Blended Wing Body (Just like the Boeing-NASA X-48 as well as the BWB B797 Hoax (And the so-called 797 might roll out as the anticipated Boeing New Midsized (Or Midrange?) Airliner (NMA) that will fill the gap between 737s and 777s as well as 787s)) in response to @Potato flavored waffles's Transky S-840-J906 (Around 1000 pax?), released after a short time my Fr-30 (Around 400 pax IIRC) was sent. But I didn't start working on it, that thing will be very colossal (Thinking of double the wingspan my Fr-30) that my PC might suffer if I didn't force .

I'll se if I can trace it back and better, build it and get it to KEA (During the next reboot since it looks almost dead by now. @neistridlar, @NightshineRecorralis, @CrazyJebGuy and other judges, thoughts please?).

On 6/8/2019 at 5:55 PM, NSEP said:


big sphere

I almost thought of a Black Hole making a landfall. Looks really cool. Can you make another version just like afforementioned?

Edited by FahmiRBLXian
Just gave some more time at that landfall Black Hole. Starts to give me chills but cool amyhow.
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A quick art piece I did last. Nothing amazing. I've never drawn an OC in the presence of canon characters and to do so feels weird and rather guilty.


# hashtag BNHA hero academia invisiblegirlisgone only20seats rofl sorry


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