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KerbalEdu updated to 1.1.3e766


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KerbalEdu Updated

It since our latest update to KerbalEdu. The reason for this delay is that we have been busy on both making the TeacherGaming Store and creating a game of our very own at the TeacherGaming spinoff company 5 More Minutes. But here we are again!

KerbalEdu version 1.1.3e766

KerbalEdu has now been updated to 1.1.3e766. The biggest feature in this update is that we are finally bringing KerbalEdu up to date with the latest version of the base game. Where the last version was based on the old 1.0.4 we are now based on the latest version, 1.1.3. As always no feature from the base game has been left out. Everything in KSP 1.1.3 is now also in KerbalEdu. You can check the changes in the base game between 1.0.4 and 1.1.3 from the version history.


We have not had much time to make updates to the edu features further than to make them all correctly work with 1.1.3. However we did have time to do these:

  • Saving downloaded (web launched) missions to a separate folder instead of saves.

  • Downloaded Missions menu for launching previously downloaded missions.

  • Include EHC missions in the KerbalEdu installation (as Downloaded Missions).

  • Help overlay to Function Tool.

  • Fix /SILENT parameters not preventing launch after install in windows installer.

  • Set required tech and money values for edu parts so they work well in career mode.


If you own KerbalEdu, you can download the new version by logging in at https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/.

TeacherGaming store Launched

Today we are also launching TeacherGaming's newest project, the TeacherGaming Store. The TeacherGaming Store is an online marketplace that brings entertainment and education together in a way that makes sense for everyone involved. It is the place where you can now buy KerbalEdu and also other cool and educational games. Go check it out!


For more information about KerbalEdu visit http://kerbaledu.com.

To buy KerbalEdu visit the TeacherGaming Store at http://store.teachergaming.com.

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