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Signs You're In For a Short Flight


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The old topic was one of the most fun and long-lived things I\'ve ever set rolling.

I\'m sure it\'s not done yet either, since I experienced another one for the list a few days ago :D

540) When your rocket isn\'t content to blow up on the pad just once, and keeps flaring up every time you think it\'s done.

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544) When the wind-rushing sound takes less than a half a second to reach its peak pitch and volume.

545) When your spaceplane is sitting at a 45-degree up angle before you touch anything.

546) When said spaceplane hits the lower atmosphere when coming down from a 990 m/s speedrun, and your engines do their best chromatic impression of Big Bird.

547) When you legitimately consider a spin-stabilized lander.

548) When your second stage has the same number of engines as the first.

549) When your flight plan includes a powered backflip in-atmosphere.

550) When you get your watch out to measure the time between frames on launch.

551) When you get a clock without a second hand out to measure the time between frames on launch.

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