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Signs You're In For a Short Flight


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581. When your ship is so big that Kraken gets it in the low orbit.

582. When a loading delay makes you realize that your Mun slingshot to Minmus goes through the surface

583. When doing a barrel roll tears the wings off

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I suppose this is a sign you\'re in for a very LONG flight, but...

587) When you accidentally decouple 4 full tanks with a full-throttle engine attached in a prograde vector during circ-burn. And the space station stays stuck.

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[588] when you put your masterpiece of engineering on the runway, only to realise that you have not attached any engines.

[589] when the craft you are attempting to build has so many parts, that hitting cntrl-z freezes up the editor.

[590] the split second before you hit the ground.

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