The Ultimate Challenge (Originally by Just Jim)

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I can't submit my Jool-5 run, so I decided to go bigger.

Now I will be completing both Jool-5 (WITH ALL THE SCIENCE), and the Grand Tour.

I just launched these ships into LKO today.


Eve Lander, based off Matt Lowne's design for a sea level Eve Lander.


The KSS Hypernova, a Laythe & Tylo capable SSTO, so it can land and take off everywhere with the exception of Kerbin (TWR is actually 1.1, but I wanted enough fuel to land on Minmus) and Eve. Those Twin-Boars provide the extra thrust and DV to reach a 100x100 orbit. 


(Yes, those are landing gears, because legs suck and break)


Look at them docked in orbit!


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On 8/1/2016 at 4:38 PM, Mjp1050 said:

As I recall, the point of the previous thread was to complete the contract, in a way that the game would accept. I don't see why ISRU would be banned under those conditions.

Great profile picture

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Are we allowed to send a refuelling mission if need be? I cant get to Moho and have enough fuel to land apparently, but this could change. So, if I really get stuck, can say, put a fuel tank in orbit around Moho so that I can refill my ship for landing?

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