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Objects in Blender: why both "collider" & "collider.collider"?

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So looking at many models from different mods, I see a parent "collider" object, and LOTS of times, there will be both a "collider" and a "collider.collider" dependent objects in the hierarchy... They both appear to be the same exact same...??  So why both?

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are you using the .mu exporter to look at the parts?

I'm guessing that the modder created a mesh in blender for the collider. In Unity they then applied a mesh collider to their Blender colliders rather than creating their colliders strictly in Unity.

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Ahhh...OK... Yes I am using Taniwha's Blender Tool... ANnnnd if thats what is happening, that would explain why its always named "collider.collider"...

I've been reworking someone else's models, and I've been deleting the second object, with no ill effects, but being new to modelling myself, I didnt know if I was doing something wrong... :P

So THANK YOU both for the replies :D

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