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Hello everyone, 


 would it be possible to create a mod that allows the user to take radar images or something similar of a certain point on a planet? I think this would be really useful to scout out possible landing sites!



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2 hours ago, kiwi1960 said:

I was thinking of this ages ago, scan sat is nice, but a radar terrain mapping device so you could suss out the flat areas to land on....



Scansat does that with the Altimetry scanner, what it doesn't do is put a big arrow saying land here, you need to do that bit yourself


How much more detail could you want ( yeah i know , cross sectional 3d view, rofl)


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You can zoom in.

The SAR resolution is basically the same, that the celestial object is saved in.

The standard radar altimetry is insufficient for pinpoint ground-relative landing tasks, but it can give one a nice overwiew over peaks that reach into very low orbits/suborbitals intended for early not-so-on-the-spot-landings.

Or just a neat truckload of science points :)

You can as well skip mapping the entire surface and just do a fly-by, scanning only a narrow wad, but this needs somewhat precise maneuvering before coming into the soi of the target.

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3 hours ago, TonyDE said:

i was thinking about something like SAR-Lupe

SCANsat has a synthetic aperture radar, though it's application is rather simplified, you don't really have to pan it around its scan area like Lupe or any other SAR based system, or even point the antenna into the correct orientation, it just 'works'.

Turning it on and off just for a second will result in one neat square portion of map, if in range.

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