Trouble installing CKAN on OSX

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I have a new MacBook Air with an up to date version of OS X on it, and I haven't been able to run CKAN. I installed it through Mono as it says in the read me, but i just get a window that pops up for a split second. 


Any my help would be truly appreciated, thanks. 

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Have you resolved your issue? if not I can be of extreme help. :D


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If you are still having trouble, you need to fetch the latest full Mono Runtime at

Place the ckan.exe in your KSP directory.  (This makes sure it can find KSP.)

Then you should be able to launch the program from finder by opening it with Mono, or launch it from the command line with the "mono ./ckan.exe" command.  You should also be able to make an executable script-based launcher.

You need to run ckan with a user who has write permission to the KSP directory (but not necessarily the KSP files).  If KSP is installed as a system program you may need the change the permissions to the KSP main directory and GameData directory to allow your regular user write access to it.  (You do not need or want write access to the KSP files themselves unless you are installing Van's Stock Revamp or some other mod that replaces them, because write access to binary files allows you or a program to mess up the game files.   It's best to be prompted for authority in this case.)

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