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Undocking issues - editing save file


Hi folks, 

I'm pretty sure this is a relatively common bug, but I can't seem to figure out how to work around it.

I've got two ships docked and I can't undock them. I'm not new to docking, so I'm quite certain this is not a user issue! The undock button has disappeared from both docking ports. I know there is a persistence file editor program recently released (@Mythos - great work!) but unfortunately I'm on a Mac and it's not available to us idiots just yet! 

Is there any way to undock the two vessels via editing my save file? 

I've got a variety of mods installed, so @Claw stock bug fixer doesn't appear to help either :(

Thanks in advance community!


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I'm sorry, it's not likely that KML will be running on Mac or Linux some day, since it's made on WPF. If you upload your savefile I may try to repair it.

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