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I can't play with any craft that is outside of Kerbin's (and it's moons) SOI


So, I have been playing KSP with SETI+Unmanned before manned and I have problem going back to crafts that are outside of Kerbin's SOI. I can fly around Kerbin, Mün and Minmus without any problems, but once craft is on Kerbol's/sun's SOI, I can't go back to it via tracking station. It starts to load, but after it loads flight scene game shows craft for a half second and then scenery goes black and navball shows that it's speed is NaN and altimeter is blank.

I have installed SETI-Rebalance and Unmanned before manned to this installation (and their recommeded) via CKAN, so it has lot of mods so I am not sure which mod is causing it. I can reproduce this by taking unmodded install of KSP, installing CKAN and then checking SETI-rebalance and Unmanned before manned there. Then just Apply, install all recommendations and then start KSP. Go to sandbox, build a craft that can go to sun's SOI and launch it. (Since it has RemoteTech, you might want to first put some random comm-rover next to KSC) Once you have craft in sun's SOI, just go back to space center and then try to go back to that craft via tracking station.

KSP is version 1.1.3

Here is my output.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j1hhzh0bg3rxod/output_log.txt?dl=0

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HI, i'm surprised you can even launch with the log spamming those errors, it all starts going wrong after it loads tac life support,  and it goes  down hill fast from there, I don't use realism mods so I can't advise on how best to sort that  out, though I have a suspicion that something that you installed is out of date and needs updating either that or its an incorrect installation of part of the set . That doesn't explain the issues with VenStockRevamp which is generating a lot of errors in fact most of your log a good 15MB is filled with errors from that mod alone.

Once you start seeing the dreaded

Look rotation viewing vector is zero

Your game is over and if it runs at all it will be at a terrible frame rate and be filled with the kind of problems you describe.      As you can recreate the issue by restarting and adding the same mods over again, firmly points to something wrong with that group of mods.  Normally I 'd say split you r mods in half and try each half to see if the game runs better or the same and then swapping to the other remaining half , but that doesn't work with the mods you have installed as they all need to work together     The best thing i can advise it to check the relevant threads to see if any similar issues have been reported,  and always the CKAN thread as they are most likely to point you in the right direction

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