[1.5.1+] Hullcam VDS Continued

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On 3/19/2019 at 7:59 PM, 4x4cheesecake said:

Instead of messing around with the config, I would suggest to write a custom MM patch. The whole point of MM is to modify config entries without editing the original file ;)

In this case, you are looking for the Module "MuMechModuleHullCameraZoom", which contains the value "cameraMode". There are 9 different modes which come with different filter:

Normal = 0,
DockingCam = 1,
BlackAndWhiteFilm = 2,
BlackAndWhiteLoResTV = 3,
BlackAndWhiteHiResTV = 4,
ColorFilm = 5,
ColorLoResTV = 6,
ColorHiResTV = 7,
NightVision = 8

The booster cam comes with "cameramode = 7". AFAIK the only option which doesn't got the crosshair and provides a "better resolution", would be "normal", so let's write a MM patch for this:

		@cameraMode = 0

The patch will change both cameras on the booster cam to "normal" mode, just create a textfile somewhere within your GameData directory, name it however you like but put the extension .cfg on it. Copy&Paste the patch into your file, save it and enjoy your crosshair free cam :)

That is pretty cool! Thank you for this. I should learn how to create MM files... Where do you suggest I start?

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11 hours ago, 4x4cheesecake said:

It is C# ;)

How did you translate all the other stuff without code changes? Did you just edit the config files?

If you can wait a few hours, I can do the code changes, send you a pre-release to make a proper translation (with a "localization.cfg" and "autoLOC" tags) and than we open a PullRequest for @linuxgurugamer? :)

I can start working on it in one or two hours and it shouldn't take too long.

Finally!  the stupid "Activate Camera" its now into Chinese!!! Your project is successful!




Thanks for Ur hard work ! Buddy ! @4x4cheesecake

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