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You know you played KSP too long when...


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You start ranting in the middle of Star Wars about why ships like the super star destroyers can't be ever done, and how space combat doesn't work like that, and how ships don't slow down on their own in space, and how there's no sound in space, and then your friend says: "Shut up, you're ruining the movie!!"

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On 8/11/2016 at 4:11 PM, Mycroft said:

You know you've played KSP too much when you start criticizing the orbital mechanics in Sci-fi books and movies.

He said it. 

You know you've played too much Ksp when you use Ksp phrases irl when you're doing something completely unrelated.

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When you embarrass yourself in front of your family and you ask if you can revert flight.

And when you are making a custom Portal 2 map, and when something goes wrong in testing, you try to revert to the VAB/SPH.

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